Another photo of mine. I hope you all got a special egg this year 🐣
Happy Easter! A photo I took last year 🐇🐇🐇
So sad @bexcassie is leaving 😔 but we have Krispy Kremes! 🍩👌
Lorra love for you guys @bexcassie @jonemmony ❤️
Repost from @jakegallagherhair of @indiagrove mua @monaleanne @hollie_mua from our shoot 😘
Regram @indiagrove channelling Mel C on my latest shoot
Featured #balladofmagazine thank you @lindseyballadofmagazine @claireballadofmagazine and mega babe @nadialeelee lots of love ❤️❤️
Ima werking when I take my pikchaz
Shooting @gracelhunt ✨
Thank you @jonemmony you little bastard 💕